Arched Window Treatments Tips

So, you have fallen in love with the house, the arched windows look divine. They are stylish and add character. The thought of finding window treatment to suit has left you a little in the dark.

Finding window treatments to arch windows is not the problem as arches inserts can be made in different styles to beautify the arched window and make hanging curtains and blinds a breeze. Slid arches plain or with a carving, a louvered effect, or scrolls and leaf design all can be custom made to fit your arched window.

The curtain of course can be hung from long rods across the top of the arch. Loose fabric curtain panels hang from very dark l rods and rings mounted at the ceiling to promote a sense of greater height or using a maze of patterned valances at the arched windows gives an old country estate type feel.

In some older houses where the arched windows are quite high and, the curved part at the top of the window does not need to be covered, by placing a curtain rod strategically where the window begins to cure a striking effect can be captured. Remember to put curtain rods so none of the top parts of the window is hidden.

A novel way to use the arched window to gain effect is to feature black wrought iron scrolling down from a curtain rod at the top and positioning another rod further down from which a curtain will be hung. To gain the individual effect, the curtain should ideally be bound in black or have black in out to match with the wrought iron.

Another option is plantation shutters. These shutters are more like the door than window treatments, but the look is amazing. The painted or lightly stained timber finish truly offers a plantation feel to the window and indeed the entire room. These are more expensive than your average window treatment so all care should be taken during the measuring and ideally should be left to the professional who making the shutters. These will avoid unnecessary costs.

There are many unique ways to use arched window treatments to their best advantage whether you use fixed window coverings that are always closed or movable coverings that allow the light to stream in. Deciding on materials and styles is easy you take light into consideration, especially if you speak to a professional who can guide you and as most window treatments for arched windows have to be custom made, taking all measurements should be left to the professionals unless you are very experienced.

Arched windows are delightful when shown off to their best advantage by putting in a little thought and research into the types of treatments that will suit your window and decor.

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