Contemporary Window Treatments

Contemporary windows deserve the best in contemporary window treatments. For a modern look and feel it is necessary to have decor that suits not only for your room but the windows. New window treatments are simple yet smart and stylish, using shutter, blinds, shades, curtains in varying designs, finishes and colors to suit many diverse decors. Putting some thought into your requirements for window treatments will help in deciding what will be appropriate for you to use.

Window shutters are definitely in vogue and are a wonderful piece for your home. In a variety of styles and finishes they add a contemporary look, allow you flexibility in the amount of light you can let in, are easy to use and give you added privacy as well. 

If you want to give the illusion for having larger windows, then Curtain panels can really make a difference. Adding curtain panels to the sides of the window while still letting light in through the window will give the windows a wider look. Having these panels cut to the exact length will make a difference to the window size.

Roman shades made of woven fabric, they are loosely folded pleats that run horizontally. These shades can be raised or lowered with ease and come in a variety of colors. Pleated shades stack compactly over the window for maximum view and pleats are usually one inch wide. They are available in many colors and fabric styles, including faux marble, paper, antique satin and lace but for a clean look use a solid color or tone-on-tone patterns. Made from hemp, bamboo or reed etc. woven-wood shades give a very natural feel to a room and are often used in closed in verandas or games rooms.

The traditional venetian blind has been revamped and has made a comeback of sorts. Now in a large variety of colors and sizes it has regained some popularity with this generation of homemakers. Vertical blinds are made from either vinyl or fabric and occasionally wood. They are great for sliding doors and patio areas. Easy to operate wands and chains add to the appeal.

For added versatility, using a topper either as a treatment or in combination with a shade or blind to create a simple and uncluttered finish to your window treatment. Popular toppers such as cornices, valances, scarves and swags can add color depth and texture to your window treatment.

Contemporary window treatments are varied in style and design for the many different lifestyles seen today, from the elegance of formal living and dining areas, to the laid back style of beachside cabins to children’s rooms and patio areas. Complimentary color, light enhancing and privacy needs can all be attained in keeping with the styles of your room.

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