Bathroom Window Treatments

One of the most missed windows in the home was the bathroom window. It was usually the last to be considered and quite often a makeshift curtain used. With renewed interest in bathroom decor, people are beginning to give this room a complete makeover and bathroom window treatments often first on the agenda.

Depending on the size and style of your bathroom window there are many variables. In previous times, many bathroom windows were quite small and frosted for total privacy. Some were wired glass with a bubbled appearance or frosted and etched with a marine feature. From a distance nothing could be seen and even close up if someone were to peek in only a vague shape could be seen. Polyester curtains that sometimes matched the shower curtain were also popular. Today, when building or renovating, bathroom windows are being made much larger to allow for natural light and warmth with many boasting large windows from which to gaze while relaxing in a spa.

Window treatments for bathrooms vary with some people preferring curtains. People choosing fabric for bathrooms seem to favor sheer curtains used like continuous curtains on a rod, cotton fabric styled as crossover or cafe style. For a single window, long curtains of either voile or cotton give a feel of times past as do valance styles. Single valance atop a blind gives a decorative look. Colors vary according to decor, but the market trends indicate that white or pale pastels with or without a small pattern are obvious choices or at the other end of the scaled dark vibrant colors such as navy, black, burgundy, etc. are increasing in popularity.

Roman blinds are now used extensively for their simplicity. Easy to roll up or let down these blind curtains look great in white, natural or dark tones and are an inexpensive covering for most bathroom windows. Bamboo and grass weave blinds are similar in design and depending on existing decor, and the theme is also widely used. Increasing in popularity in the last few years are timber louvers. Set in a frame of wood these louvered window treatments have slates running horizontal but vertical slats are also in use. In stained wood or painted finishes these louvered treatments can be fixed with only the slats movable or other styles have opening doors similar to louvered doors fond throughout homes.

Other window treatments commonly used in bathrooms include small Venetian blinds and vinyl or canvas roll-up style blinds. Decorative wrought iron is another window treatment mostly used on the outside either for security purposes, added privacy or merely as a show piece.

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