Vertical Blind Window Treatments

Vertical blind window treatments are exactly as the name state vertical. Instead of the slats running across wise they run from top to bottom. Made of plastic of a stiffened fabric the slats of vertical blinds have attached a track from one end and are pulled along by the other end. There are some designs of these blinds that have tracks at both ends which ensures they hang straight. Less expensive verticals are strung together with a chain at the bottom to keep them hanging straight up and down.

The slats of the vertical blind can be rotated 90 degrees which allow varying degrees of light in depending on the angle the slats rotated to. This is done by twisting the wand at the fixed end of the track, allowing you to choose how much or little light you want. The blinds can also be pulled open or closed by cords or chains usually located beside the wand. Although of course the more expensive vertical blinds can come with a remote control so you can open or close your blind from the comfort of your chair or bed.

Vertical blinds can be quite dangerous though as the edges of the slats are sharp, especially the cheaper models and children and adults alike have been cut. Children have been known to climb using the chains or cords while others have choked by getting their heads caught between the slats. The move expensive cordless vertical blinds help alleviate the problem of the climbing to a degree. It may well be an idea to use other window treatments while you have young children and or pets.

Colored vertical blinds, although available in many shades, are much more expensive than the standard gray, beige or taupe blinds, which are not as easily matched to your decor. Verticals are not suited to children’s playroom for the reasons mentioned above nor do they provide the exciting colors or themes that can be attained using other window treatments. Also, due to the rotating of the slats, it would not be convenient to use curtains in conjunction with vertical blinds to achieve a softer look as you may require for a bedroom. The use of vertical blinds in kitchens is also limited; however, vertical blinds prove their worth when hung in places where you need access during the day but want to cover at night or when you are absent from the premises, such as glass sliding doors.

Vertical blinds are very suitable window treatments informal areas, and home office situations as well as units, holiday apartments or offices and showrooms. They are easy to clean, do not attract lots of dust compared to horizontal blinds and slats are easily removed for cleaning when soiled or damaged.

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