Window Treatments Ideas For Your Home

There are many different types of windows that make up the construction of your house such as; window mirror, casement, fixed window, awning, and so on. There are many ways to dress up your windows. Window treatments can be as necessary or different as you wish. Keeping in step with your dwelling and or your decor, there are some novel ways to show your individual tastes.

Having your windows tinted can serve several purposes. Many films used in window tinting cuts out over 99% of the sun's ultraviolet light. It removes the heat and glare from windows which are fantastic in living rooms or entertainment areas where TV screens are housed and it also decreases the likelihood of furniture and soft furnishings fading. Window tinting helps keep the temperature inside your home more stable thus reducing cooling costs. The privacy attained by tinted windows is another plus. It is also refreshing to note that having your windows tinted increases the strength of the glass considerably and stops shattering. Frosted, etched or wired glass can also suit certain window situations and can be a talking point among neighbors and friends.

A novel window treatment is wrought iron. Wrought iron window treatments can help improve the appearance of boring windows. With many decorative styles to choose from, wrought iron is somewhat resistant to rust so it is great to use on the outside of your windows and comes in a variety of finishes. Strong enough to use for security purposes while decorating your windows it is relatively inexpensive.

Although many people have turned toward using vertical drapes, Venetian blinds or louvers curtains seem to be the mainstay when it comes to window treatments. Although used on their own curtains are often used in combination with other methods. There are various styles that are used such as rod pocket, single and double layer, pleated, gathered and continuous curtaining as well as cafe style and crossover. The fabrics used are also wide and varied with silk taffeta, cotton calico, linen jacquard and tapestry always popular as is velvet and damask. Depending on the style of the room, decor and existing color scheme curtains can add a fitting finish to any room.

When looking for the 'wow' factor in your window treatments give some thought to attachments such as curtain poles in stained or painted wood, chrome or wrought iron, ornamental ends and a multitude of designs ties and other trimmings. Plain, patterned or ornamental pelmets can 'finish' your curtaining beautifully. More recently, rattan and bamboo blinds have found their way back into favor in our homes and again, depending on the style can add uniqueness to any window.

Choosing the right window treatments for your home can take some time and consideration. And in some cases in is worth while speaking to a professional interior designer or the assistant where you intend purchasing your treatments.

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