Several Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments

Windows need not be boring or plain, and there are some great ideas for interesting window treatments to be found. Today, rather than shut out the world outside many people are wanting to feel closer to the great outdoors yet at other times prefer their privacy. These were right window treatments come into play. Good window treatments can also hide different windows, old frames or even cracked glass.

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments

Curtains are being used more now than in previous years, but without the flounces or elegant finishes of yesteryear. Sheer, floaty fabric hung in single layers on very plain curtain rods are often used to compliment blinds. Using a pelmet, deep frill or swag disguise the top of the glass and is an excellent way to making the windows appear longer. When planning your curtains always be sure to allow enough fabric. For full looking curtains three times the width of the window is a good standard measure and matching colors to furniture and other soft furnishings is vital. Also, remember that curtains take a battering from the sun and will fade dramatically so consider the quality of the fabric.

If unusual is the look you wish to create then Roman shades will be ideal. These shades made of flat sheets that covered by other fabric including that of your cushions, bed linen or throws, etc. Bound around the edges in your choice of tapes and a dowel in the bottom for weight and ease of use. Venetians blinds are perfect for bedrooms where you want to control the amount of light you let in, and they also ensure complete privacy as do louvers. Louvered wooden shutters come in a variety of finishes including stained timber or painted. Louvers enhance your window while adding decoration to your room. Vertical drapes are also popular and can be used to filter light in much the same way as Venetians and louvers. Vertical drapes come in a wide range of finishes with different embossed patterns and are sure to be a color to match even the most unusual decor. If you want to block out light and heat, plantation shutters are ideal as well as coated curtain or lined blinds.

There are several styles of blinds to choose from as well and if filtered streams of light are the look you want then try an oriental style blind, woven bamboo or a grass weave blind prove an excellent purchase. Of course, if you are on a property or to the other extreme, a totally enclosed space you may wish to leave windows bare. In this case tinted window treatments are ideal, or you could look at stained, etched or frosted glass in any number of patterns and designs.

The are many ideas for the interesting window treatment and with a bit of thought, you can have a totally practically window or a window that serves as a feature for your room.

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