Unique Window Treatment Ideas to Try

No matter what type of décor you are using in your home, you may be looking for some unique window treatment ideas to give your home a unique look. Whether you want an individual treatment to bring out a special theme, or you just love using décor that is a bit different, you can have a lot of fun using some of these ideas. There are a variety of unique window treatment ideas out there that can help you make your home a unique and special place to be, and the following are just a few ideas you may want to try in your home.

Paint a Sheet

One great unique idea that you may want to try for your window treatments is painting a sheet to make a great curtain. You can use paints as well as textiles to change a plain old sheet into a beautiful window treatment for your home. Consider using some stencils to come up with great designs and then go back and paint them. After you are all done painting the sheet, go back and put a curtain rod through the hem that is on the sheet and then you’ll be able to hang it up in the room.

Crocheted Tablecloth Curtains

Another of the many unique window treatment ideas that you may want to try is to take a lovely crocheted tablecloth and turn it into a beautiful window treatment. All you have to do is get some pretty shower curtain hooks that will go through the holes in the table cloth and then put the hooks on a nice curtain rod. This will add charm and romance to any room, and it is a fairly inexpensive unique treatment for your windows as well.

Single Curtain Rods

There are a variety of unique curtain rods that can be used to achieve some unique window treatment ideas. Consider using a birch branch as a curtain rod or maybe even a wooden oar. Fishing rods, hockey sticks, and even pool cues are some other great ideas for curtain rods that are very unique as well. They are usually great with themed rooms, and you’ll be sure to have an excellent window treatment that is unique to your home.

So, if you want to break away from the cookie-cutter treatments that so many people use in their homes, there are many great unique window treatment ideas to consider. Find these great ideas for your home and you’ll be sure to have window treatments that look great.

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