Four Tips for Creating Your Own Designer Window Treatments

More than likely you have seen some of the beautiful designer window treatments that are out there, and while they look great, they may be a bit above your price range. Even though you may not be able to afford these window treatments, you can actually take some great tips from professional designers and use them to create your own designer window treatments. So, if you are wanting to get the great designer look without paying the price, consider using these tips to create our own window treatments with a designer look.

Tip #1 – Use Various Textures When You Mix Neutral Colors

One of the first things to keep in mind if you want to create your designer window treatments is to make sure that you use a variety of different textures when you are mixing neutral colors together. In some cases you may not want to go with bright colors and the softer more subtle colors may be what you want. Using different textures can take those neutral colors and bring them to life. Combine a variety of different textures together to get a great designer look.

Tip #2 – Make Use of Color

Another great tip to consider if you want to create your designer window treatments is to make use of colors. Too many people just try to use a safe option and they go with treatments for their windows that are only in neutral colors. Using some brilliant colors for your window treatments can make a great statement and often actually combining colors that are on different sides of a color wheel can look great as well. Making use of colors will help you make sure that you keep the windows looking bright and cheery.

Tip #3 – Enhance Small Windows

You may also want to take some steps to enhance any small windows when you are trying to create your own designer window treatments. It is possible to take your window treatments and design them in such a way to make the windows look larger. One way that you can do this is to use panels that are light and start them above the windows, then allow them to go into a puddle on the floor. This will help to lengthen the window.

Tip #4 – Build Your Designs Slowly 

When you are trying to create your own designer window treatments you may want to build your designs slowly. You may not have the money to complete the total design right away, especially if you have just moved into a new home. Going slowly and doing it piece by piece is a great way to get the designs you want. You can start out with some nice blinds that will be a foundation for the designer treatments you plan on creating in the future. Then, little by little you can purchase what you need to complete the designs you have in mind.

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