Terrific Ideas for Sidelight Window Treatments

Sidelight windows are among the most popular features for your home today. The long narrow windows that can be installed on each side of your door give your entryway a lot more light and a touch of elegance. Usually they are as tall as your door and anywhere from six to eighteen inches wide. This can make them a little difficult to dress, and some people forgo sidelight window treatments entirely. However, you don't have to leave your sidelight windows plain; sidelight window treatments can be easy and attractive with just a little bit of effort.

One thing that throws people off when thinking about possible sidelight window treatments is their strange size and shape. They are often narrow and angular, and thinking of things to do with them can be a little bit difficult. However, the sidelight window treatments are wonderful accents to your home and you do a lot to give anyone who comes into your home a distinct impression of the place that they are entering.

When planning sidelight window treatments, keep in mind why you wanted the sidelights in there in the first place. If it was for light, you will want to make sure that the sidelight window treatments aren't too opaque or too fussy. Typically, sidelight windows are not open or closed; they tend to stay in the same configuration. This does not mean, however that you should restrict yourself! If you preference is for pale shutters that can open or shut, this can create a striking effect that is not seen too often.

Try to keep the lines of your sidelight window treatments running along the sidelight windows themselves. To add some height to a short entryway, try to use vertical lines in your project, whether you are using long narrow vertical blinds or you are using long decorative curtains. When working with curtains for your sidelight window treatments, you should keep in mind that the color choices should match that of your entryway. If your entryway is not painted, sidelight window treatments are a terrific way to add some color to an otherwise boring area. You can add bright lime green curtains for a tropical look, or you can make your curtains baby-blue for a clean, summery look.

Remember to keep the materials in mind as well. Pale wood or wood painted a pale color can make a sidelight window treatment open a room up, or it can make it look washed out. Similarly dark wood shutters can give an entryway an oppressive, heavy feel or it can balance it out. These are all important things for you to consider.

When people enter your home, you can decide what you want them to look at the impression that you want to give them. If you are creating a look, don't neglect a good sidelight window treatment.

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