Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Transom Window

Finding the right transom window treatments can be quite a task; however, with a bit of work you can bring beauty and elegance to your transom window. A transom window is a smaller window that is above a larger window. The dilemma that often occurs is how to allow the light to flow through these unique windows without losing the privacy in your home. If you live out in the country with no one around, then it may not be necessary to cover the top transom window; however, most people who live in developed areas will find that they need the privacy.

One mistake that many people make when dealing with transom window treatments is to put a rod below the window in order to cover the larger window with some type of window treatment. While this will allow in the light from the transom window, it will not give you much privacy and it also cuts the window in half, taking away from the beauty and elegance that these windows can provide. A better idea is to hang a rod above the transom window and then to apply transom window treatments that go the entire length of the window. Elegant drapes make a great choice to dress up these windows.

While drapes may look great, if you are trying to let the light in through the transom window you are going to have a problem. If you want the light to come through but still want to preserve your privacy, then another type of transom window treatments may be in order. Curtains that have a sheer panel top and then bottoms that are not sheer are an excellent choice. You can actually make these types of curtains on your own. All you have to do is choose a sheer top material and then a complimenting opaque material for the bottom. Then, the light will still come through the top of your transom window, but you will have the privacy you need as well.

This is a very simple and elegant way to decorate your transom windows with transom window treatments. You can easily make these curtains yourself for just the price of the material, or you can have someone else make them for you. Transom windows do not have to be expensive and difficult to decorate, and with just a little imagination and work on your part, you can make your transom windows private while still making sure that they look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

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