Bay Window Treatments

The possibilities for dressing up a bay window are almost limitless. Bay windows are most often used to create the illusion of a bigger room and for this reason, these windows can be treated as part of the room they are in, or the bay can act as a room unto itself. They are used to increase the amount of natural light that a room receives and as well as providing extra views of the outside that would not be possible with ordinary windows.

It is important to think outside the box when considering treatments for bay windows and not treat it as you would other windows in the house. Many people use this area to show of family photos, knickknacks, flower boxes and plants so creating a ‘second window frame around these objects can work a treat. It is necessary to remember the appearance of these windows from outside as well, as many people are drawn to look at bay windows more than any other.

With bay windows, layering can be one in reverse with the darker heavier curtains nearest the window and the lighter on the inside facing the room; this can often create a glowing effect which will be pleasing to the eye. It is best to use a dark color that both frame the bay and as well as contrasting with any light that comes from within.

White lacy or plain sheer continuous curtains work well in bay windows as do curtains that tie back using very part of the bay window as a separate window and having two curtains on each and tying then back forms a lovely picture from inside or out.

For a more modern approach the use of roller blinds or Roman shutters in a variety of styles and colours to suit the decor will ensure your privacy when you want it and of course, the blinds can be rolled up for added light at other times. Aesthetically, it is vital that all blinds in a bay window are kept at the same height when open, nothing looks worse than ‘steps and stairs’ blind heights. Venetian blinds would not lend themselves well for bay windows due to the window design, yet given the correct decor in the room, the unusual effect can be unique.

Although used in many older style homes and country cottages, bay windows are now being favored for smaller urban and renovated dwellings where added privacy will be a requirement. So darker heavier window treatments are being applied to these widows or having them tinted is a good choice for city living.

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