Windows of Opportunity: Suggestions for Bay Window Treatments

Whether you've moved into an older Victorian home or you've decided to add a little bit classic elegance to your current one, bay windows are beautiful features on any edifice. You'll realize when it comes time to design them or redo them, however that there are needs present that should address, just like with any other windows. Bay window treatments, because they are attached to features that are so very obvious need to pop regarding design.

Before you begin, as with any other design project, you will need to think about your intent for your bay window treatments. Where is the bay window located? Is it in a reading nook, or is it in a child's bedroom? If there is a window seat attached to it, what do you think the people sitting on it will be mostly doing? Questions like this can show you the way regarding design and ideas.

If you prefer to remodel your home in a way that is slightly more antique, you will want to consider some turn of the century drapery. While the drapery of this period was hefty, there is nothing that says that you can't reproduce it with lighter, airier fabrics. By using drapery, you can soften the look and the angles of the bay window. If you get them in a pattern that matches very well, you can create the impression that the bay window is a part of the room rather than being only addition, something that can happen to bay windows. If you decide to go with a dramatic style of drapery, you might want to consider getting the curtains in jewel tones for a very dramatic look.

With one good bay window treatment, you can create a lovely space where you can read to your children, read to yourself or sip tea on a rainy day. Your bay window traffic will probably be one seat in the house that guests gravitate too, so make sure that it is comfortable. With the use of fragile shutters, you can control the amount of light that goes in and out as well maximize the amount of sitting space that you have.

A good bay window treatment will enhance the look of your room and add a little bit of beauty to it. If you want your bay window treatment to be somewhat more modern, consider non-standard materials like bamboo. Bamboo works especially well if you are going for an Asian theme in your home.

Your bay window is an excellent opportunity to let your creativity shine, so don't delay. Get started and before you know it, you'll have a very good bay window treatment that will attract your guests and beautify your home.

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