Window Curtains - Quick and Easy Way to Break up an Old Room's

Discover How Window Curtains are a Quick and Easy Way to Break up an Old Room's.

Window curtains come in very stylish designs, and all your great curtain window treatments go beyond just a formal pleated drapery that you would use in the living room or a cotton frill tieback that might be used for the bathroom and kitchen window curtains. When researching your new curtains and draperies, you will find that manufacturers offer a large variety of brilliant colors and curtain styles that will create a beautiful new look and feel for any rooms decor.

By combining different adaptations with traditional window treatments, you will be able to add that extra personal touch to your curtain window covering.

Another option that you may consider is to blend ready-made window curtains with some custom curtains. The draperies usually are made with a formally lined panel and are heavier than the curtains. Being an unlined window covering, curtains are a less formal treatment, the style and design of the room will help you make your decision on which window treatment will work best for light control and your privacy.

The first thing to consider would be what style of heading you would want to use. A curtain heading is the top part of your window covering and can be made in several different ways so that it will work with either at Rod or poll style. If you use a window valance and lay it across the heading, you will give the curtain treatment a tightly layered effect making this accent a beautiful touch for the overall window curtain look.

Finding a curtain treatment fabric

The weight of your curtains fabric will give you an idea of how you are going to use it. Heavier cloths usually work well with the window heading and balance that are more a structured type design. Because of the weight of the window curtain, you will create a beautifully smooth, regular fold. Fabrics that are lighter are less formal and better looking with the use of a gathered heading or with the shirred you may even use some simple ties or tab tops. Something that you should consider is the care in the cleaning of the window curtains fabric. Different fabrics require different care - like silk and satin will require you to have them dry cleaned. Something else you should think of is the cotton types of cloth and know they will shrink when you wash them. The best thing to do is a test clean by using a sample of the fabric which you will be able to remove and check the colorfast and weave afterward. Window curtain fabrics are the best way to add colors and patterns to any rooms decor. Motifs that are large are best used flat, but a pattern that will trail or branches work best when it's folded or gathered. The texture is one thing that is usually overlooked as a design feature of window curtains. Textures that are evident would be brocade or even damask which would give you a more luxurious and warm treatment feeling.

Curtain window treatment ideas

If you're looking for more of a breezy feel, then you should look at window shears or any open weave window covering. Fabrics that are dark and heavy will be an enclosed warm feel which will give you a cozy and intimate room. Curtain window materials that are semi- translucent are usually not formal and give you an airy feeling. An idea that you could try would be to change the window curtains for the season like the heavier treatments can be replaced with sheer curtains that are lighter for the summertime. By coordinating your curtain window treatments with some soft furnishings or matching color patterns, you will create the perfect window curtain treatment for your home's décor.

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