Modern Window Treatments

Modern window treatments have come a long way in texture and design whilst keeping many of the traditional styles intact. The latest colors and designs combined with easy to clean materials makes for stylish yet practical window treatments.

Roller blinds are simple and stylish with chains that allow for easy movements. These blinds can be plain, embossed with a light pattern or with tassels and looping. A very economical choice for a functional blind with a sophisticated look.

Roman shades come in a wide range of fabric and designs with all the up to date colors. Roman blinds can be custom-made adding your own choice of decorative borders, linings and controls for easy operations.

Solar shades offer protection from harmful UV and reduces glare without you losing any of your view. Solar shades are energy efficient and very friendly to the environmentally. The high tech fabric comes in varying degrees of density and has quality features for ease of movement.

The beauty of pleated shades are a classical design and an easy, way to add style to any room. With multiple lining options and easy to use controls pleated shades are functional whilst being very economical.

Venetian blinds have made an amazing comeback. Gone are the days of dust collecting wood or plastic, strings that tangled with the slightest breeze. The modern venetian blinds are made using all new technology has to offer with easy to clean materials, better wands and chains and a great range of colors to suit your decor from the traditional, white and tan shades, to olives, bright blues and cherry reds and everything in between. Great for livening up an otherwise dull room or office.

Increasing in popularity are louvered window treatments that give an old look with modern style. Stained timber or painted slats that open to allow light to stream in or can be closed for darkness and privacy. Louvered window treatments come in the form of blinds or a door for you windows.

Today’s range of curtains tends to be long and sleek in easy to care for fabric. Most of these curtains are lined to help reduce fading from the sun and help maintain an even temperature inside your home. Fabrics tend to be light in color as well as weight and when patterned fabric is used it tend to be simple in design and very subtle. Many styles are straight and flowing whilst others tend to be held back with ties and are the top layer over normally white sheer continuous curtaining.

There is little doubt that modern window treatments are created with the environment in mind by helping conserve energy with heat saving materials and designs.

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